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The impact of conflict in numbers

24 May 2021


Civilians caught up in conflict are killed and injured in greater numbers than members of fighting forces. Last year, the UN recorded 11,892 civilian casualties in Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen alone. Civilians also face sexual violence, torture, disappearance, mass displacement and acute hunger – even famine conditions – linked to conflict.

Schools and hospitals, homes and places of worship, markets and airports, water towers and electricity stations continue to be destroyed or damaged in conflicts worldwide, including in the Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Syria and Yemen.

Here is a snapshot, in numbers, of what some of the 160 million civilians living in fragile and conflict-affected areas had to endure in 2020. These numbers are drawn from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ 2020 Protection of Civilians report, published this month.