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Lebanon Humanitarian Fund (LHF) Allocation Update

29 Aug 2019


Photo: UNDP/Rana Sweidan

The Syria crisis continues to have a profound humanitarian, socio-economic, and political impact on Lebanon and its people. The country hosts 1.5 million Syrians besides several hundred thousand Palestinian refugees.

Since its first allocation in 2015, the Lebanon Humanitarian Fund (LHF) has allocated over US$60 million to humanitarian actors in Lebanon that have reached more than one million people.

In May 2019, a new Standard Allocation was launched. The total envelope was US$8 million, and it specifically targeted three vulnerable population groups that had been identified by the Humanitarian Coordinator: children at risk; older persons at risk; and persons with mental illness.

At the end of the call, the LHF had received 59 proposals. After thorough review - both strategic and technical - 19 projects were granted funds. The selected proposals were regarded as the most strategically relevant and technically sound, which will enable them to deliver assistance and to protect the most vulnerable people across Lebanon.

The allocation was concluded in August with strong engagement from all partners, sector coordinators and review committees. The LHF would also like to thank all donors, who make it possible for the fund to continue to support humanitarian projects.

The Allocation Dashboard below, presents some key findings and figures from the allocation.