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20 Mar 2020


Idleb Health Directorate and Civil Defense Crews, along with local charities, carry out disinfection works at schools and tent cities as a preventive measure against coronavirus (COVID-19) in Idleb, Syria, on 18 March 2020. Credit: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images/Muhammed Said

The coronavirus now has a foothold in more than 185 countries. Some of these are countries that are already in crisis due to conflicts, natural disasters and climate change. They are home to a large number of people in need of emergency assistance.

Through these challenging times, OCHA is determined that its crucial life-saving work is sustained. More than 100 million people already rely on support from the United Nations’ humanitarian agencies. OCHA’s top priority is to ensure that we do the best we can to keep providing life-saving help for those people, while supporting the wider system’s response to COVID-19.

Swift fundraising, focused coordination across the humanitarian system, and ongoing, effective humanitarian operations are now more essential than ever.

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