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OCHA launches Annual Report for 2019

11 Jun 2020


OCHA’s Annual Report for 2019 covers a year where intensifying conflicts, climatic shocks and the spread of infectious diseases drove needs to unprecedented levels.

Launched today, the report highlights how we helped mobilize US$18 billion for response efforts that it coordinated to target more than 117 million people globally.

The report takes stock of our actions and activities during 2019, highlighting the role of OCHA, Member States, and other UN and civil-society partners in ensuring that the most vulnerable people in crises received timely and quality humanitarian assistance.

These actions included efforts by OCHA and partners that helped provide humanitarian assistance to more than 13 million Yemenis each month. For Syria, we helped raise $7 billion, which enabled aid workers to reach an average of more than 5 million people every month.

When cyclones Idai and Kenneth struck parts of Southern Africa, OCHA pre-deployed emergency coordination experts and delivered swift and life-saving assistance through the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund. When Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas, we supported the Government’s efforts to reduce suffering and save lives.

We lobbied for improved access to people caught up in protracted crises in places such as Afghanistan, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Libya, the Lake Chad Basin, South Sudan, Sudan and Syria.

The report also provides an update on efforts within OCHA to make it more field focused and decentralized.


OCHA operates in almost 60 countries around the world.