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Philippines: Tropical Depression Usman affects 191,600 people and displaces 79,600

02 Jan 2019


National authorities in the Philippines report that 85 people have died, 20 are missing and 40 have been injured following Tropical Depression Usman which made landfall near Borongan, the capital of the province of Eastern Samar, on 29 December.

The storm began affecting the country on 28 December as it enhanced northwest monsoon winds, bringing heavy rain across the southern Luzon and eastern Visayas regions for several days. This triggered multiple landslides and widespread flooding. Some 191,600 people have been affected across Regions IV-A, IV-B, V and VIII.

Nearly 25,000 people are staying in 170 evacuation centres, while 54,600 others are staying with relatives or friends. Local and regional authorities are collecting information and assessing the impact of the storm. Damage figures are expected to increase as some areas remain inaccessible due to flooding.

Priority needs include relief goods, access to potable water and sanitation for those who remain displaced, shelter repair and debris removal.

Local and provincial authorities are leading the response with the Philippine Red Cross and civil society organizations providing relief goods and services. The disaster is well within national capacities to respond. The United Nations is in close communication with national authorities to offer support.