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Rebuilding lives after floods in Guatemala

19 Feb 2021


house destroyed by flood Juana Valdez’s house was destroyed by the floods that followed the hurricanes. Credit: OCHA/Laura Solórzano

Hurricanes Eta and Iota left a trail of destruction after they hit parts of Central America in November 2020.

Three months on, many communities in Izabal — one of the most affected departments in north-east Guatemala — are still reeling from the impact of floods, as more rains have worsened the situation. Humanitarian teams and local and national authorities have been working together to assist the most vulnerable people.

For the residents of Sioux village, in the Morales municipality, the shock of the floods was unlike anything they have ever experienced. “We are still removing mud from our house because it never stopped raining,” said Sonia Moscoso. “It’s actually gotten worse after the storms, as the soil was so damp.”

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