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Road blockade shatters resilience in southern Haiti

15 Jul 2022


Edouard and Lola*, aged 83, receive support and advice from the local NGO ATEPASE. They employ young people to work their fields and live off the sale of their crops. 
*Names have been changed. Credit:  OCHA/Christian Cricboom

In early June, a team from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Haiti conducted a field trip across the four departments of the country’s southern peninsula. Nearly a year after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake and Hurricane Grace devastated the region, OCHA wanted to analyse the recovery progress and understand the current challenges people are dealing with. Over 14 days, the team drove almost 1,200 km to meet with communities and local organizations, and with workers and affected people receiving assistance from local, national and international NGOs.

During the mission, we met many vulnerable people and communities whose hardships are caused by local gangs blocking a major road in Martissant.

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