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On the run in search of safety in Niger

10 Jan 2020


Awaradi site, Diffa, Niger, December 2019. Credit: UNOCHA/Eve Sabbagh

Niger is being assaulted on all fronts. A fragile country, with the world’s lowest human development outcomes, Niger is now being destabilized by conflict that is spilling over from Burkina Faso and Mali. At the same time, it is host to thousands of new refugees who have fled violence in neighbouring Nigeria, and migrants who have fled brutality in Libya. Added to the mix is climate change, which is heating up the Sahel more quickly than any other region, causing a devastating drought and flooding cycle, which is worsening hunger and malnutrition levels across the country. One in ten Nigeriens - or 2.3 million people - now requires humanitarian aid to survive, and this figure is projected to rise again next year.

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