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Situation update on north-east Syria

24 Oct 2019


On 11 October 2019, families displaced from Ras al-Ain in north-east Syria arrive in Tal Tamer, 75 km south-east, having fled escalating violence. Credit: UNICEF/Delil Souleiman

With winter looming in north-east Syria, the well-being of an estimated 120,000 people in displacement camps, sites, collective shelters and informal settlements remains a major concern for UN agencies and humanitarian partners. The provision of humanitarian assistance for people in need, particularly those in camps, remains a priority for the UN. 

UN agencies and humanitarian partners are scaling up their response to meet the increased needs. Food has been delivered to 256,000 people so far this month. Winter items have been distributed to 100,000 people.

Nearly 180,000 people have been displaced in north-east Syria as a result of hostilities since 9 October. With a reduction in fighting in some areas, an estimated 43,000 people of those recently displaced have reportedly returned home in recent days. 

More than 450,000 people have been reached with water, sanitation and hygiene support, and 10,000 people have received health consultations. A polio vaccination campaign is ongoing, having already reached more than 70,000 children.

The UN continues to reiterate the need for all parties to ensure that civilians and civilian infrastructure remain protected and that humanitarian actors have safe, sustained and unimpeded access to those in need.

There are some 3 million people in north-east Syria. Prior to the current escalation, 710,000 people were displaced and 1.8 million people were in need of humanitarian assistance.