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Syria: a 10-year crisis in 10 figures

12 Mar 2021


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As the conflict in Syria reaches its tenth year this month, the losses and effects are staggering. Almost 5 million children born in Syria since the conflict began have never known peaceful times, and a million more Syrian children were born as refugees in neighbouring countries.*

Human suffering continues to rise, civilian infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed on a massive scale, and an economic collapse over the past 18 months has driven food prices and hunger to their highest levels since the World Food Programme began monitoring food prices in 2013.

The pandemic is exacerbating humanitarian needs, affecting an already depleted workforce and stretching the country’s debilitated health system beyond capacity.

These 10 numbers provide a snapshot of the 10-year Syria conflict.


Your donation to the Syria Humanitarian Fund is urgently needed to save lives and help instill hope for the future for all Syrians affected by this crisis.

*According to UNICEF