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UN remains concerned about conflict impact on Libyans

06 Feb 2020


This boy has lived almost all his life in this makeshift camp in Tripoli. Now his and many other lives are threatened by conflict. Credit: OCHA/Eve Sabbagh  

The United Nations remains concerned about the continued impact of fighting in Libya on civilians.

Rocket attacks and heavy artillery shelling continued on 5 February, in the Abusliem and Salaheddine districts of Tripoli. At least one civilian was killed and five others injured.

Local schools in Abusliem district are due to re-open next week. The United Nations reminds all parties of their obligation under international humanitarian law to take constant care to spare civilians and civilian infrastructure, including schools.


Ongoing fighting in and around Sirt, following shifts in territorial control in the Sirt region in early January, is driving more people from their homes, especially in the frontline area of Abu Qurain. More than 2,000 people have fled the area, according to the Libyan local crisis committees.  

Humanitarian partners are supporting the national response by providing assistance, including food baskets, hygiene kits, blankets, mattresses and other non-food items to the displaced, including in Misrata, Houn and Al Jufra.