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When home is a strange place

29 Jan 2020


Three Chadian returnee girls at the the Danamadja site. Credit: OCHA/Federica Gabellini 

Following the last outbreak of violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) in 2013, thousands of Chadians living in CAR sought refuge in Chad, mainly in the country’s southern provinces. Unlike their Central African neighbours who crossed the border to flee violence in their country and fit the traditional profile of “refugees”, the Chadians have returned to their country of origin. They are “returnees”: Chadian nationals who lived abroad for decades and were then forced to return “home” due to conflict.

This photo essay provides a glimpse into the challenges faced by Chadian returnees living in the displacement camps of Danamadja, Djako and Kobiteye in the Logone Occidental and Logone Oriental provinces. More