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Governance, Policy and Guidance

The activities of the SHF will be carried out under the stewardship of the HC. The HC will be supported by an Advisory Board, and the SHF will be managed by OCHA on behalf of the HC. The SHF AB will be chaired by the HC, and it will welcome the senior-level participation of donors, UN organizations (in their capacity as sector lead agencies), and NGO and Red Crescent representatives, with membership determined by the HC. Sector coordinators play a key role in prioritization as well as project review at a strategic and technical level.  

The Humanitarian Coordinator

The management of the fund on behalf of the Emergency Relief Coordinator will rest with the HC, supported by OCHA and advised by the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is a governance body with an advisory function that supports the HC to steer the strategy and oversee the performance of the SHF. The final decision-making authority rests entirely with the HC, who is the chair of the Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board supports the HC in developing an overall strategy and overseeing the performance of the SHF. The Advisory Board is consulted on key aspects of the management and strategic direction of the SHF, including allocation strategies, resource mobilization and any other major decision taken by the HC related to the fund. The Advisory Board also reviews direct costs of the fund prior to HC approval.

The composition of the Advisory Board is determined by the HC in consultation with the Humanitarian Country Team, contributing donors and NGOs. The Advisory Board should include an equal number of stakeholder representatives (donors, UN agencies, NGOs and OCHA). Adding Advisory Board members with observer status, including non-contributing donors, is encouraged to improve transparency of the Advisory Board decision-making process and overall coordination of humanitarian response and aid flows. Advisory Board membership should be limited to 12 representatives (excluding observers) to ensure efficient decision-making.

The Advisory Board membership comprises the following:

  • Humanitarian Coordinator (Chairperson)
  • 3 donor representatives (contributing donors)
  • 3 UN agency representatives
  • 3 INGO representatives
  • OCHA Head of Office
  • Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC)
  • 1 representative from the national NGO community