Syria Humanitarian Fund

Within the programmatic framework of the Syria Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), the Fund will enable the delivery of humanitarian assistance by:

  1. Promoting needs-based assistance in accordance with humanitarian principles;
  2. Responding rapidly to critical life-saving needs, by allocating 30% of the Fund to the most critical needs in the most underserved areas, including besieged and hard-to-reach areas;
  3. Improving the relevance and coherence of the humanitarian response by strategically funding assessed humanitarian needs as identified in the HRP;
  4. Strengthening coordination and leadership, primarily through the cluster/sector system and function of the Humanitarian Coordinator;
  5. Supporting and strengthening priority cluster/sectors and subnational priorities in accordance with assessed needs;
  6. To allocate 60% of funds to NGOs and Red Crescent Movements operating in Syria.

Who can access Syria Humanitarian Fund (SHF)?

Country-based pooled funds are managed by OCHA and made available to National Non-Governmental Organizations (NNGOs), International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs),Red Cross/Crescent and UN agencies. Given the importance of broadening partnership in order to reach people in need in the most underserved areas, the SHF aims to allocate 50 per cent of grants to projects implemented by NGOs as well as the Red Cross/Red Crescent societies. Furthermore, the SHF aims to enhance the capacity of national partners and supports them in their grant applications, as most of these organizations are well positioned to access underserved and hard-to-reach areas.


Funding Updates

Click here for up-to-date information on contributions to the SHF and project allocations to implementing partners.

Syria HF update (December 2016 and November 2016)
Operational Manual SHF (August 2016)
Global Country-Based Pooled Funds (CBPF) Guidelines