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About OCHA Turkey

OCHA Turkey is one of the three OCHA hubs working together to implement the Syria Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) collectively in the spirit of the whole of Syria. OCHA Turkey coordinates cross-border humanitarian assistance delivered from Turkey to Syria as mandated by the UN Security Council resolutions 2449 (2018, formerly 2165 in 2014).
The coordination system in southern Turkey for the cross-border operations to Syria was established in 2013. OCHA Turkey works with the United Nations agencies and humanitarian partners including international organizations, Syrian NGOs, Turkish NGOs and various governmental and other authorities to support needs assessments, identification and analysis of needs, share information on the response, provide access analysis and facilitate the operating environment including on border crossing regulations. OCHA supports the southern Turkey coordination architecture comprised of nine clusters, the Inter-Cluster Coordination Group (ICCG), other coordination forums and the Humanitarian Liaison Group (HLG) under the leadership of the Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator (DRHC).
OCHA Turkey is responsible for the daily management of all programmatic and financial aspects of the Syria Cross-border Humanitarian Fund (SCHF) on behalf of the Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator. The THF provides funding for projects which are in line with priorities and objectives of the Syria Humanitarian Response Plan.
For more information about the cross-border humanitarian response from Turkey to Syria, please visit: Turkey cross-border operations.