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The UHF will be open to NGOs (national and international), the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, and UN agencies, and support those best placed to assist and closest to people in need. All NGOs will be assessed for potential capacity to work with the UHF long-term. Resources will be made available to ensure project verification, implementation monitoring and partner outreach requirements, such as assessment and auditing.

Implementing partners, regardless of the scope and level of activities, will be entitled to a maximum of 7 per cent of the approved direct expenditures incurred for Programme Support Cost (PSC). PSC of sub-implementing partners associated to the implementation of a specific project must be covered by the overall maximum 7 per cent of the actual project expenditures.

Risk tolerance and mitigation: A preliminary analysis

Risk management strategies may include supporting organizational, technical and operational capacity building, as well as needs assessments and the implementation of remote or third-party monitoring systems. These efforts include:

  • Developing an Accountability Framework in line with the Global Guidelines including a Risk Management Strategy identifying risks to the UHF, analysing their potential impact, and outlining mitigation and prevention actions;
  • Establishing appropriate governance mechanisms to ensure the transparency and quality of allocation decisions and processes;
  • Verifying partner eligibility and capacity through a robust, transparent, and timely due diligence and capacity assessment process;
  • Developing clear monitoring and reporting requirements through operational modalities, in line with Global Guidelines;
  • Ensuring compliance in letter and spirit with OCHA’s Global Guidelines for CBPFs.

In line with best practice, robust, proactive fraud prevention and mitigation strategies and efforts will be implemented. To this end, the HC will work with OCHA to ensure a strong environment of accountability is set from the beginning, with the AB accepting of an Accountability Framework and risk management framework. OCHA will provide the necessary know-how and technical support to the in-country HFU.