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Seven million people require some form of humanitarian or protection assistance in Venezuela.

Key figures

Humanitarian Response Plan: Funding Update

HRPs are the result of OCHA’s work with humanitarian partners around the world to identify the most critical humanitarian needs, plan responses and determine the budgets needed to address them. Requirements for this year are outlined below.

Total Requirement

$222.7 million

Funding to date

$55.5 million

Funding gap

$167.2 million

Top 5 Donors

European Commission $19.8 million (35.7%)
United States of America $12.9 million (23.3%)
Central Emergency Response Fund $8.9 million (16.0%)
United Kingdom $6.1 million (11.0%)
Switzerland $2.3 million (4.1%)

Top Funded Sectors

Not specified $15.5 million
Health | Salud $11.4 million
Protection | Protección $6.3 million
WASH | Agua, Saneamiento e Higiene $2.5 million
Nutrition | Nutrición $1.6 million