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Allocation Process

Image: San Cristobal, Tachira. UN partners during the distribution of hygiene kits to a school in Colinas de Maisante neighborhood, as part of the stepped-up response to COVID-19. The facility has the capacity to attend to 72 patients. Photo: OCHA/Gema Cortes


Under the direction of the Humanitarian Coordinator, the Venezuela Humanitarian Fund (VHF) aims to support the timely allocation and disbursement of donor resources to the most critical humanitarian needs, as defined by the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). To meet this objective, the funds are allocated through an inclusive, transparent and efficient process. The allocation guidelines in the Operational Manual provide instructions and clarifications on all the steps of allocation processes and requirements in order to enhance timely and strategic decisions.

The standard allocation process allocates the majority of the funds to priority projects in line with the HRP. The standard allocation processes will be facilitated based on allocation strategy papers formulated under the leadership of the HC.

The reserve allocation is primarily intended for the rapid and flexible allocation of funds in the event of unforeseen circumstances, emergencies or strategic needs. Reserve allocations are shorter in nature to allow for a quicker response to emergencies.

The project cycle management process for the VHF is done through an online platform allowing for better management and institutional memory: