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About the YHF

The Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) mobilizes and channels resources to humanitarian partners to respond to the critical needs of millions of people affected by the devastating humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The Fund operates within the parameters of the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), with the objective of expanding the delivery of humanitarian assistance by focusing on critical priorities and needs.

What are the main Objectives of the Yemen Humanitarian Fund?

  1. Support life-saving and life-sustaining activities while filling critical funding gaps;
  2. Promote needs-based assistance in accordance with humanitarian principles;
  3. Strengthen coordination and leadership primarily through the function of the HC and by leveraging the cluster system;
  4. Improve the relevance and coherence of humanitarian response by strategically funding priorities as identified under the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP);
  5. Expand the delivery of assistance in hard-to-reach areas by partnering with NGOs.

Who can access the Yemen Humanitarian Fund?

Country-Based Pooled Funds (CBPFs) are managed by OCHA and made available to national and international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and UN agencies. Given the importance of broadening partnership in order to reach people in need in the most underserved areas; the YHF prioritizes the allocation of funds to NGOs. The YHF also supports national NGOs with a view to enhance their capacities, as most of these organisations have better access to people in need in hard-to-reach areas.

Additional information and resources on Country-Based Pooled Funds can be found here.


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