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Governance, Policy and Guidance

The activities of the YHF are carried out under the overall strategic and operational direction of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC), with support from an Advisory Board (AB) and an OCHA-led Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU). The Advisory Board is comprised of members of the humanitarian community including NGOs, UN agencies and donors, who support the HC in policy and strategy-setting for the HPF. Cluster leads and cluster members at the national and regional level feed into the identification process of priority needs and target sectors, geographical areas, and activities.

The YHF operates within the framework provided by the OCHA Operational Handbook for Country-based Pooled Funds (CBPFs), which describe the set of rules that apply to all CBPFs worldwide. The Operational Manual for Yemen issued by the HC further describes the governance arrangements, objectives, allocation modalities and accountability mechanisms of the HPF, as well as details the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved.

During 2019, the YHF will focus the following priorities:

  • Helping cover gaps in first-line activities in the YHRP. This includes but is not limited to emergency, life-saving assistance and protection to people most at risk.
  • Promoting integrated programmes in districts with extreme levels of multiple vulnerabilities. In support of this, the YHF will prioritize support for multi-cluster initiatives in IPC Level 3, 4 and 5 districts and other high-risk districts as determined through assessments.
  • Addressing new priorities, as identified by the Humanitarian Coordinator and HCT. In support of this, the YHF will use reserve allocations to fast-track support for projects which address emerging priorities.
  • Covering critical gaps in the operation, as identified by the Humanitarian Coordinator and HCT. In support of this, the YHF will use standard allocations to support projects which address critical gaps in cluster strategies and which expand coverage in remote and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Building the capacity of front-line national partners in line with commitments made in the Grand Bargain. In support of this, the Humanitarian Financing Unit will assist national partners during all stages of the allocation process through monthly clinics, training and mentoring.
  • Expanding evidence-based programming and ensuring that the partners best able to provide services receive funding. In support of this, all allocation decisions will be based on cluster defenses where cluster coordinators will present the steps they have taken to ensure projects meet strategic and technical criteria.
  • Strengthening risk management. In support of this, the YHF will update its risk management framework and its Accountability Framework in line with the Operational Manual and global CBPF Handbook.


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